ID Adobe, Adobe DRM

What do you buy when you purchase an Adobe DRM protected ebook

When you buy an Adobe DRM protected ebook, before downloading the ebook you get a .ACSM format user licence: you need it to download the ebook with your ID Adobe associated to the device.
The license is a file named URLink.acsm; this file must be opened by the program chosen to read ebooks.
In some rare cases, depending on the browser settings, the file is not downloaded but automatically opened by the browser; this is an error, the .ACSM file must be saved on your device and subsequently opened by the program chosen for reading ebooks.

How to create an Adobe ID

Adobe ID is the personal profile that allows you to read your Adobe DRM protected ebooks . If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can create it for free at this address and do as follows:
In the webpage at this location click on the top right on LOGIN and then on "Create an Adobe ID?". Fill in the required fields and click on the blue button "Registration".

So you will have created your Adobe ID; you will still have to confirm your registration with the link that will be emailed to you by Adobe and by associating your device to your Adobe account you will be able to start reading the Adobe DRM protected ebooks . Remember: once you open an Adobe DRM protected title with your Adobe ID, that title will be opened ALWAYS AND ONLY with the same Adobe ID, so we suggest that you created just one Adobe ID and always used that on all your devices .Should you forget the password after creating it, you can check it this link.

Why should I create an Adobe ID?

The acronym DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management" and includes all the technological systems that are designed to protect from illegal distribution the contents of the files covered by copyright. The ebooks you can find on G. Giappichelli Editore are protected by two different kinds of DRM: Social DRM and Adobe DRM. The type of DRM used to protect your ebook is a choice that is up to the publishers. The kind of protection is highlighted next to each book's cart.

Are all eBook readers compatible with Adobe DRM?

No, not all devices are compatible with Adobe DRM (most of them but not all). Check the manufacturer's website to know whether your device is compatible or not.

I have an iPad / iPhone, how can I read an Adobe DRM protected file?

To read an Adobe DRM protected book on Apple devices you need to install an ebook reader which is compatible with Adobe DRM (we recommend BlueFire), but many others are also available. Then you have to connect it to your Adobe ID and only then download the ebook from the Giappichelli website on your device, making sure to open the volume with the BlueFire program. Be careful not to download the ebook before connecting the BlueFire reader to the Adobe ID: this may result in the loss of your license.

Can I read on my pc an Adobe DRM protected ebook?

Yes. You need a program to be installed on your pc that reads the ePub. There are many programs of this kind; we recommend Adobe Digital Editions which you can download at this address.
Remember that as soon as the installation is over you will need to authorize the program with your Adobe ID. To do so, you will just have to enter the credentials with which you created your Adobe ID. In order to authorize Adobe Digital Editions click on the top right on the menu HELP and then INFORMATION ON THE AUTHORISATION .

Can I print an Adobe DRM protected ebook?

No, the books protected with Adobe DRM can not be printed