Emerging trends in the governance and management of entrepreneural and family firms
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    marzo 2018

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This book addresses the question of emerging trend in the governance and management of entrepreneurial and family firms with the idea that organizational value-creating or value-destroying drivers are embedded in the firms’ system of governance and their management. Systems of governance and management embody structures, relationship, norms, incentives value and goal that generate specific organizational propensities.

We believe these different conditions encourage certain types of competitive advantage but discourage others. In this vein, the book collects a shared journey of reflections whose unit of analysis are the entrepreneurial and family firms. The thought shared by the authors - that is the origin of this work - is the central role of the governance and management of the firms in order to interpret their strategic paths and competitive choices.

Based on these premises, the reader will found the fil rouge of the governance and management shared in all the single chapter. Moreover, the challenge shared with the authors is also to shed light on the emerging trend, such as heterogeneity, gender issue and emotional view of the family firm governance, always creating a bridge between what we knowand what we should nowabout governance and management in entrepreneurial and family firms.


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