Legal issues and trajectories in equality and non-discrimination: a comparative overview
ITCILO World of Work Series
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    ottobre 2019

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This volume examines different aspects on the subject of equality and non-discrimination under International and European Union Law. It focuses on the issues of equality and non-discrimination at workplace.

In spite of unprecedented progress at the international, regional and national level in enhancing the legal protection of individuals and groups of individuals against discrimination, several cases confirm the fact that discriminatory acts and practices are still very much alive today.

One of the most challenging issues, from a legal and practical point of view, is to eliminate discrimination without sacrificing diversity.

The presence of a population that does not have the same origin, language, religion and ethnicity poses new questions for inclusion in political, social and cultural life and requires adaptation and flexibility from the legal and political structures with a view to facing problems that are often unprecedented and have long remained unanswered.

This book looks the new legal issues and trajectories around the thorny question of respecting equality and practicing non-discrimination at all levels in society.


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