Sustainable Development Goals and Integrated Reporting
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    dicembre 2018

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Our planet faces massive economic, social, and environmental challenges. To deal with these, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define global priorities and aspirations for 2030. Promoted by the United Nations, Governments worldwide have already agreed to these goals.

In order to approach them practically, business organizations have to contribute to make SDGs happen by identifying and executing sustainable strategies as key drivers of their visions and business models. Building on the emerging concept of Integrated Thinking (IT), the book explores how modern organizations can leverage on a long-term integrated strategy to reconcile financial stability with social and environmental sustainability and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Based on the analysis of different case studies, the book shows how organizations are approaching these topics and how they are connecting SDGs, business model and processes of innovation. Analysing the impact of the SDGs on materiality, connectivity, and stakeholder engagement, this book aims to explore how Integrated Thinking, Management and Reporting is currently practiced and in which way these managerial innovations can contribute to SDGs.


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